So simple, but yet so true. Sometimes, in life, we have to let go of those things that bring us down and take away our happiness. Memories, habits, lifestyles, people… Sometimes, things we don’t even realize. I feel we don’t always know what’s stealing our happiness because we don’t want to recognize the fact that it could be the very thing we think we might need. Or, it’s comfortable, brings temporary satisfaction… In another light, it could be super simple and easy to let go, we just haven’t taken the action to remove it.

Whatever it might be, leaving it behind could be the very thing that can take you to the next level in life. Some things hold us down from going higher in life. What helped me let go of some of the negative things in life was the thought, “is this helping me in life?” “way more pros than cons?””what fruit am I yielding from it?””What’s causing me to have sad moments?”. If what it was wasn’t sounding too good, it was time to do some self evaluation and consider letting it go. Wanna go higher? It might be something right in front of you that needs to be left behind to get you to where you want to go.

I am what I am

“I am” is the two most powerful words you can say. Can we speak things into existence? Do we have the power to change our moods, our current status, our lives? I believe so. I’ve witnessed it happen firsthand in my own life. Things that I spoke years ago started to come into existence. Not just one but several things. Affirmations that I used to speak became reality for me.

To some, it’s hard to believe but in reality, anything is possible. As long as what you’re speaking is natural to you and it feels right, it can be attracted to you. I recall seeing a documentary on the power of words which was based on an experiment done by Dr. Masaru Emoto.¬† Look it up, it’s powerful and eyeopening. It really brought to light the truth in the power of words. Check the video out below!


There’s a calming spirit in nature

I love love love outdoors, like really. I feel like nature has the ability to relax, calm and just, simply put…. take us to another place. Any time I go to a body of water, it’s like I instantly feel such a calm take over me. It can clear the mind so effectively. Everyone has their own favorites but we all have to agree there’s something special about being outdoors. The sounds, the sights, the beauty… I don’t like bugs though. The ones with all those legs freak me out lol. But… ¬†besides that. It’s the place to be.

Life is beautiful… no really, it is!

I’ve come to learn that life can be seen in different ways. It’s all up to your perspective. You can either be grateful or be not so happy. But… I’m learning it might not be as simple as that. I believe that sometimes, there are external factors involved, like mood affecting energy. There’s different types of energy out there. And when it comes down to it, it might be all about mindfulness. Knowing when something is affecting you externally. If you know yourself, you know when something is off. Mindfulness is key, knowing when it’s time to get back to your center. Taking time out to relax or take a walk. Learning one’s self is so important. It can be the key to an overall better mood.